Godspeed Corp employs some of the world’s best minds to handle lead generation through social media, pay per view, email, and call center marketing.




With a wide variety of hours of availability, there is almost always someone available to answer any, and every question you may have. We are dedicated to phenomenal service.

Generating Leads Is Hard, It Doesn’t Have To Be


There are lots of things that can get your company noticed these days. Social media of all kinds is everywhere and word of mouth isn’t the only avenue of referral anymore. We have myriad tools to get your business noticed and get your leads multiplying more quickly than you could have ever imagined.



Keys To Our Success

We get to know your company, so then everyone will else will too. After finding out what it is you need, and the best way to help, we put that plan into action, and you’re in the fast lane for optimized opportunities.