Terms of Service Agreement


The end use of the leads provided by Godspeed Marketing (Provider) is solely the responsibility of Client. Client must follow TCPA regulations, and all other applicable regulations and laws with regards to the usage of leads, and any methods of usage by Client. If for any reason(s) the leads are used unlawfully; Provider will not in any way be responsible, legally or otherwise. Godspeed Marketing shall not be responsible for, or incur any liability, as a result of delays or failures in the delivery of any leads, in schedules or in performance of its services in the event of any act or occurrence beyond Godspeed Marketing’s reasonable control.


For any concern regarding quality, simply send the file as you received it by Provider to Quality Control Department within 24 hours of receiving the file from Provider. Along with the original file, attach your dialer disposition report that clearly marks which records are of concern, and make sure all dispositions are easily understood by our Quality Control team. Any leads that need to be replaced will be replaced with your next order. Any leads that are in fact fine, instead of receiving a replacement, you will receive the audio from the applicant/lead in question back from our QC indicating why the lead is in fact quality. QC is contacted at QC@godspeedcorp.com. Provider policy is replacement of all disconnected and not-in-service records timestamped for 24 hours or less from date of record creation. For any and all replacements we require a period of time to review every disposition report. Following this time period we reserve the right to review all leads in question. It is in Provider’s discretion to decide to replace a lead, if any whatsoever. In the event that no leads will be replaced a report will follow detailing the reasons behind the decision.


All test must be paid in full prior to receiving any “test” lead files. It is Provider’s policy not to fulfill any “free” lead test files. The smallest minimum order that Provider allows is 100 records per test. Provider cannot fulfill smaller orders. As statistically, results of tests will be skewed negatively with less records to contact and we prefer only successful tests.


Payment for leads must be delivered in full prior to receiving lead files. There is an option to set up pre-payment terms. Paying for the week guarantees delivery of files prior to post-payment Customers. Payments received Monday through Friday 5pm for following week lead fulfillmentwill be guaranteed fulfillment the following week. Payments received after 5pm Friday for lead fulfillment the following week, are not guaranteed lead fulfillment, as Provider may have sold outof leads from prepaid orders. The Bank only accepts wire deposits with a check from customers that place the order. Any other name or money orders will be returned. We also accept Zella as long as it has the name of the entity that has purchased the leads.


Provider provides no refunds under any circumstance. If Customer makes a payment and is not delivered leads as fulfillment for payment made, Customer may use this payment for fulfillment of future orders, at Providers discretion.


If Provider suspects Customer of engaging in fraud, Customer will be banned and blocked from doing business with Provider, Provider’s websites and Provider’s staff. No refund will be given to Customer if they have credit for leads with Provider. If Customer engages Provider with aggressive or threatening language, or makes any negative remark publically about Provider, Provider will not offer a refund for any credit Customer may have for leads.


Sale By purchasing the leads you are agreeing to use them for debt settlement, debt consolidation, and/or credit repair.


It is in Provider’s best interest to have a working relationship with all clients that are satisfactory for both parties. If for a reason(s) the relationship is no longer satisfactory both parties reserve the right to end the working relationship without any notice. However, it is in the best interest for both parties to explain the reasoning for the termination.